• 01

    Łajzol Serious

    This is Łajzol’s first solo album after 20 years of rapping in other crews and projects. The artist wanted us to play with his image in a non-standard way. Łajzol Serious, the album’s title, is obviously a reference to the famous line “Why so serious?” from the movie The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger. The music album shows different sides of Paweł – both the wild, the bragga and the darker, more reflective one. The idea is to tell a story of emotional states, by means of deforming facial expressions, and apparent joy (sticking on a smile). The frugality of colors and the tone of the photos were to be a tribute to the world of comics and a clear reference to the Joker as well. The whole expression was supposed to be exaggerated, not entirely serious – if we play with one’s image, let’s do it boldly. The use of scenographically simple elements (a prepared zine, hand-made collages created on set, glasses, grills) allowed to build a coherent and visually strong story of laughter and more aggressive, crazy (absurd?) shots/frames.


    Popkillery – Cover of the year, 2023

    Creative Direction & Design
    Jacek Walesiak
    Paweł Fabjański
    Aleksandra Sworowska // Shootme
    Executive producer
    Michał Majewski // Shootme
    Photographer's assistant
    Tymek Maciejewski
    Make-up / Stylist
    Anna Słowińska
    Set designer
    Mateusz Niedzielak
    Set designer's assistant
    Olek Skrzypiec
  • 02


    Mikrogorzelnia is a new and coming brand of premium spirits, established by 12 friends. We wanted to emphasize two things when designing the brand’s identification. The grassroot, informal nature of its origin and the high quality of the offered products.

    The brand’s logo metaphorically represents the founding myth of Mikrogorzelnia. We’ve designed a form in which each of the twelve partners is represented by the number 1. Each of them has a different and unique personality that is equally important. As a result, a dynamic form was created, a weave of numbers resembling the sun. As its foundation, the letter M which also contains an indentation resembling a glass.

    The first two products introduced onto the market by Mikrogorzelnia are pure rye vodka and gin made from Polish botanicals. By emphasizing the visual identity of the brand in the packaging design, we’ve decided to combine a clean, simple front label with a psychedelic illustration inside the bottle. Each of the founders of the brand chose one of the attributes from which the illustration accompanying the vodka was built. The Gin illustration talks about the ingredients. It contains images of all of the 11 Polish botanicals used to create the unique recipe of the spirit.

    Each label is hand-numbered and includes a stamp of each series. The packages contain embossed and varnished elements that emphasize the premium character of the brand.


    European Design Awards – Silver (Packaging), 2022
    Polish Graphic Design Awards – Main Award (Packaging), 2022
    KTR – Gold (Packaging), 2021
    Project of the Year STGU – Honourable mention (Form), 2021

    Creative Direction & Design
    Jacek Walesiak, Robert Mendel (UVMW studio)
    Zuzanna Charkiewicz
  • 03

    JWP Koledzy

    When analyzing rap album covers in Poland, you can see that most of them are driven by photography. Illustrated album covers are a definite minority. The idea was to do it differently than the rest of the industry. The guys were looking for a fresh approach to the artwork for the new release. The title of the album – KOLEDZY (lit. mates – ed. note) inspired me to base the cover on a collage using allegorical paintings by Abraham Teniers. The life in this image perfectly reflects the title of the album and the energies of the JWP CREW members. The painting basically looked like a ready-made quote and backstage of a gig. We elevated the design with the color pink, which was rarely used by the Polish (rap) scene at the time.


    Cover Awarts, 3rd place, 2020
    30/30, 2nd place, 2020
    KTR, Bronze (Design), 2020

  • 04

    ZPSM nr.1

    In 2020, the State Music School Complex nr 1 (ZPSM) changed its headquarters and we received the task of creating its wayfinding system. The basis of the design process was finding forms that fit into the space and connecting two buildings of extremely different architectural form.

    When designing the visual information system, we had to take into consideration two sides of the premise, the educational one (for students and educators) and the public one (concerts) available to guests, the audience and artists. All with the emphasis on fulfilling the needs of the youngest group of users by designing user-friendly and visually attractive signage systems.


    European Design Awards, Gold (Wayfinding), 2021
    KTR, Gold (Wayfinding), 2021
    Project of the year STGU, Main Award, 2021
    Polish Graphic Design Awards, Main Award, 2020

    Creative Direction & Design
    Jacek Walesiak, Robert Mendel (UVMW Studio)
    Zuzanna Charkiewicz
  • 05

    Let’s pop in

    A series of abstract graphics created for the collaborative exhibition with Malwina Konopacka – Let’s Pop In, which took place at the Traffic Design gallery in Gdynia.

    Rafał Kołsut
  • 06

    Płomień 81 – Szkoła81

    The “URSYNÓW” neon was with me throughout my whole childhood. Everyone who lived in Ursynów (one of the biggest Warsaw districts, built between the 70s & 80s ) knows and connects with it. Los Angeles has the HOLLYWOOD sign and we have our URSYNÓW one . The band comes from this neighbourhood, so when thinking about the communication of their new album I wanted to use the classic neon form and build a creative idea around it. For years, this particular neon appeared in the band’s clips, in photo sessions and on clothes. I decided to create a custom typeface based on its letters. Supported by strong colors and b&w photography, I created a strong graphic language that stands out from the rest of the polish music scene.​​​​​​​


    Polish Graphic Design Awards, Honorable mention, 2020
    KTR, Bronze (Typography), 2020

    Creative Direction & Design
    Jacek Walesiak
    Michał Zachwieja
    Typeface design (URSYNÓW 001)
    Jacek Walesiak
    Project management
  • 07


    When brainstorming U–jazdowski’s visual campaign we were inspired by the different ways that people use touch screens. We transported this idea into a graphic form, creating a mixed-channel campaign which advertises U–jazdowski’s wide cultural offer.

    Creative Direction
    Jacek Walesiak (UVMW)
    Bartosz Gregorek
  • 08

    Artystyczna Podróż Hestii

    The main visual theme of the APH campaign were visual forms of presenting statistic data. Numbers and statistics allowed us describe in an abstract way the strength and position of Hestia’s Artistic Journey. We created about a dozen messages which addressed various aspects related to the competition – the art market and APH’s position in relation to other institutions, which types of visual arts are missing in the applications as well as information regarding due dates and prizes for the contestants.


    European Design Awards, Gold (Poster Serie), 2019
    KTR, Silver (Brand Identity), 2019
    Polish Graphic Design Awards, Main Award (Poster), 2018

    Creative Direction
    Robert Mendel, Jacek Walesiak (UVMW)
    Art Direction
    Robert Mendel, Jacek Walesiak (UVMW)
    Graphic Design
    Robert Mendel, Jacek Walesiak, Marta Czuban, Michał Małolepszy (UVMW)
    Łukasz Zieliński
    Tymek Pasierbiak
    Drukarnia Klimiuk
    Production of the statuettes
    Photograph (exhibition, opening)
    Piotr Litwic
    Aleksandra Pavoni
  • 09

    Dyspensa Records

    Since the beginning of Dyspensa Records, I have been responsible for most of the graphic design for the label. Including creating the logo, the brand’s graphic system and art directing most of the music releases. (Dystape, Jerzyk Krzyżyk).

    Creative Direction & Design
    Jacek Walesiak
  • 10

    Radio Kampus

    The new logotype for Radio Kampus speaks metaphorically of sound. We minimized the graphic form resulting in an optical typographic sign. We drew a lot of inspiration from 1960s and 1970s modernism which favored intelligent graphic solutions.

    Just as Radio Kampus is a dynamic and variable structure, in the same way the logo can behave in multiple ways – it can be static, filled with textual content or it can be a graphic element in itself. The logotype is visually neutral since it has to encompass a large spectrum of topics which are discussed at Radio Kampus – culture, science, student life and last but not least – music, also ranging from electronic to heavy guitar music.

    The graphic language we created is simple so it would allow the radio employees to create layouts on their own. Its simplicity allows them to execute it well using the brand manual alone. This was one of the greatest challenges of this project.


    KTR, Silver (Identity), 2018
    Polish Graphic Design Awards, Gold (Rebranding), 2017

    Creative Direction
    Jacek Walesiak, Robert Mendel (UVMW)
    Art Direction
    Jacek Walesiak, Robert Mendel (UVMW)
    Jacek Walesiak, Marta Czuban (UVMW)
    Absurd Studio
    Aleksandra Pavoni
  • 11

    Pjus Słowowtóry

    An unusual music project requires an equally unique graphic design.

    The creator of the “Słowowtóry” album, rapper, Karol “Pjus” Nowakowski has battled illness over the years. He suffered a progressive loss of voice which is why, for the purpose of this album, he created lyrics that were meant to be performed by other artists. Over 20 rappers and vocalists executed his plan and co-created an eclectic concept album, fusing artists, music styles and language. The album title itself – “Słowowtóry” (a neologism alluding to the echoing of words) is an introduction to word play and convention breaking.
    The completion of this collage convention was the graphic design for the printed and promotional materials. The front cover, reflecting the album’s essence is deconstructed and merged. The cut up fragments of a photo were manually arranged into a new shape and became the base for both album covers – the red edition – meant for retail and a green special edition. The special edition was additionally illustrated by 9 hand-made collages which illustrate the album lyrics. Some of the song titles are neologisms, semantic clusters of two words, just as the collages are composed of two merging images.


    KTR, Bronze (Packaging), 2018

    Creative Direction & Design
    Jacek Walesiak, Kasia Michalak-Walesiak
    Jacek Walesiak, Kasia Michalak-Walesiak
    Aleksandra Pavoni