JWP Koledzy

When analyzing rap album covers in Poland, you can see that most of them are driven by photography. Illustrated album covers are a definite minority. The idea was to do it differently than the rest of the industry. The guys were looking for a fresh approach to the artwork for the new release. The title of the album – KOLEDZY (lit. mates – ed. note) inspired me to base the cover on a collage using allegorical paintings by Abraham Teniers. The life in this image perfectly reflects the title of the album and the energies of the JWP CREW members. The painting basically looked like a ready-made quote and backstage of a gig. We elevated the design with the color pink, which was rarely used by the Polish (rap) scene at the time.


Cover Awarts, 3rd place, 2020
30/30, 2nd place, 2020
KTR, Bronze (Design), 2020