Płomień 81 – Szkoła81

The “URSYNÓW” neon was with me throughout my whole childhood. Everyone who lived in Ursynów (one of the biggest Warsaw districts, built between the 70s & 80s ) knows and connects with it. Los Angeles has the HOLLYWOOD sign and we have our URSYNÓW one . The band comes from this neighbourhood, so when thinking about the communication of their new album I wanted to use the classic neon form and build a creative idea around it. For years, this particular neon appeared in the band’s clips, in photo sessions and on clothes. I decided to create a custom typeface based on its letters. Supported by strong colors and b&w photography, I created a strong graphic language that stands out from the rest of the polish music scene.​​​​​​​


Polish Graphic Design Awards, Honorable mention, 2020
KTR, Bronze (Typography), 2020

Creative Direction & Design
Jacek Walesiak
Michał Zachwieja
Typeface design (URSYNÓW 001)
Jacek Walesiak
Project management