Radio Kampus

The new logotype for Radio Kampus speaks metaphorically of sound. We minimized the graphic form resulting in an optical typographic sign. We drew a lot of inspiration from 1960s and 1970s modernism which favored intelligent graphic solutions.

Just as Radio Kampus is a dynamic and variable structure, in the same way the logo can behave in multiple ways – it can be static, filled with textual content or it can be a graphic element in itself. The logotype is visually neutral since it has to encompass a large spectrum of topics which are discussed at Radio Kampus – culture, science, student life and last but not least – music, also ranging from electronic to heavy guitar music.

The graphic language we created is simple so it would allow the radio employees to create layouts on their own. Its simplicity allows them to execute it well using the brand manual alone. This was one of the greatest challenges of this project.


KTR, Silver (Identity), 2018
Polish Graphic Design Awards, Gold (Rebranding), 2017

Creative Direction
Jacek Walesiak, Robert Mendel (UVMW)
Art Direction
Jacek Walesiak, Robert Mendel (UVMW)
Jacek Walesiak, Marta Czuban (UVMW)
Absurd Studio
Aleksandra Pavoni