ZPSM nr.1

In 2020, the State Music School Complex nr 1 (ZPSM) changed its headquarters and we received the task of creating its wayfinding system. The basis of the design process was finding forms that fit into the space and connecting two buildings of extremely different architectural form.

When designing the visual information system, we had to take into consideration two sides of the premise, the educational one (for students and educators) and the public one (concerts) available to guests, the audience and artists. All with the emphasis on fulfilling the needs of the youngest group of users by designing user-friendly and visually attractive signage systems.


European Design Awards, Gold (Wayfinding), 2021
KTR, Gold (Wayfinding), 2021
Project of the year STGU, Main Award, 2021
Polish Graphic Design Awards, Main Award, 2020

Creative Direction & Design
Jacek Walesiak, Robert Mendel (UVMW Studio)
Zuzanna Charkiewicz